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Veggie U…

… is a national non-profit organization that supplies Classroom Garden Kits and a five week science program for elementary and special needs classes.

… is dedicated to combating childhood obesity and related diseases.

… is interested in increasing kids’ awareness of healthy food options and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

… supports teachers with a turn-key program of 25 lessons and hands-on activities to engage and excite their students. The Veggie U Classroom Garden Kit includes tasting vegetables, seeds, soil, root view boxes, grow lights, a worm farm, and curriculum planner with DVD-- everything needed for this hands-on program.

… understands the importance of teaching core concepts in plant science, and weaves these lessons into interactive materials that also impart lessons in language arts, math, fine arts and social studies.

… helps parents continue the discussion at home, with recipes, games, suggested reading and conversation starters on the topics the children are learning in the program.

… has been taught in more than 4700 classrooms across 32 states and Washington D.C.


What makes Veggie U special and different is that our program is grounded first in academics, and then in fun!

We have been vetted by a content correlation service to ensure our program contains the core concepts for plant science. We took those core concepts and created fun experiences that get kids excited and wanting to learn more. The kids literally get their hands dirty and plant their own mini-crop, tending it and learning from it in daily lessons that are instructive, but seem more like play!

Want to dig in? Your support helps us GROW. Your tax deductible donation will be used to grow the fertile minds of students. Just click our DONATE NOW button, or give us a call at 419.499.7500 to learn more.