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Veggie U A+, Classroom Gardens for Special Needs, is a fun, hands-on way to learn how things grow, the benefits of eating more vegetables, and how to make healthy food choices. The program is divided into five Field Guides, each supplemented with their own Chapter Book. Growing their own vegetables will often prompt a child to eat something fresh from their own “farm”, and helping to prepare a recipe provides a chance to taste and like something new. By the end of the program, we hope to have raised each student’s awareness of their ability to make healthy food choices and to increase their willingness to try new foods. In addition, learning about gardening could translate into a vocational interest in commercial farming or nursery work.

Veggie U A+ is supplemented by an iPad app containing the content of the five chapter books used in the program. Each book in the app has a read-aloud feature which highlights and reads the text both word-by-word and by sentence. Simple animation of some of the illustrations is a fun touch, and a fully voiced communication board for each of the five Field Guides is included. The app is particularly useful for non-verbal students.

Just search for Veggie U on Apple's App Store to download the My Farm My Table App to your compatible device. 

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