Our 'Buds'

Veggie U has flourished by being tended and propagated by some pretty amazing friends. Through corporate sponsorships, supporting foundations, individual donors, and special fundraisers we've been able to sustain our garden for over ten years. As a non-profit, we can't continue to sprout without on-going nurturing. Thank you to everyone who has shined upon us over the years!

We'd love to grow something beautiful with you as well. If you think more kids should have the opportunity to experience the joy of getting their hands dirty in a classroom garden, contact us! We have lots of ways for you to get involved with Classroom Garden education.

We seek sponsorships to further the overall mission of Veggie U, as well as geographic sponsorships for whole school districts, individual schools, or each classroom within a grade. Culinary professionals have myriad ways to give, such as submitting recipes, visiting classrooms, or asking their patrons to donate. Other folks have hosted a variety of fundraisers like dinners, 5k runs, or golf outings, and donated the proceeds to supplying more classroom gardens.

Our sponsors are vital to Veggie U's ability to continue our classroom garden education programs. We have a steady stream of requests from around the country for Veggie U, and continually seek support so that we can supply classroom gardens at no cost to educators. Can you help us with this mission, and join our roster of rock star supporters?

Ready to dig in? You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 440|774-8344