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Saturday, September 30, 2017                                                                      
7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The 925 Building | 925 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, Ohio
Food & Wine | Live Music |Silent Auction | Wine Pull
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From Picky Eater to Chef, TV Host and Cookbook Author
Nikki Dinki Celebrity Guest at the Veggie U Food & Wine Gala

dinki with kaleNikki Dinki has earned many titles during her career – Food Network and Cooking Channel host, cookbook author, chef, blogger, terrace gardener and mom – but she will add Celebrity Guest as she attends the 2017 Veggie U Food & Wine Gala on Saturday, September 30.

This year, Veggie U is proud to announce that Nikki Dinki is the Guest celebrity at the Veggie U Gala and will be available to meet and greet guests, and to sign her new cookbook, “Meat on the Side: Delicious Vegetable-Focused Recipes for Every Day.” Taste trumps everything else in Nikki’s book. “It’s about really yummy food that happens to have a vegetable-focused element to it instead of what is traditionally meat-focused,” Nikki said. “I think the book provides really fun ways to expand your palate.”

“I am thrilled to be part of the Veggie U event.” states Nikki, “Introducing unique approaches to serving vegetables – especially to young children – is essential to opening young minds to the tastes and benefits of eating more vegetables.” And Nikki has first-hand experience. Growing up as a picky eater, Nikki had a diet that consisted mainly of bagels and cereal. She recounts the day she hid her uneaten broccoli in an open heating vent. The next week, a stench filled the house, forcing the young Nikki to “fess up”. Years later, she realized that her health and her well-being had so much to do with her eating habits. She decided to start making changes. Knowing that by eating something again and again, she would grow to like it, Nikki forced herself to eat foods that hadn’t touched her lips in years, starting with tomatoes. It Meat on the Side 2wasn’t long before eating and cooking became fun. She started a cooking blog and was soon noticed by Food Network, which sought her out as a contestant for the ninth season of “Food Network Star”—and the rest is history.

Meat on the Side contains over 100 Meat On The Side meals, which means that these recipes will not have more than 4oz of meat and the vegetable will always be the star of the plate. Meat on the Side is all about vegetable-focused dishes that bend and twist veggies in unique ways to create meals that will make even the pickiest of eaters love their veggies. The dishes featured in her cookbook retain that veggie-centric focus, but the recipes have a different sensibility than the many farm-to-table cookbooks out these days. Nikki herself said that hers is not a farm-to-table cookbook, actually, and many of the combinations are unusual.

Veggie U invites you to come to the 2017 Veggie U Food & Wine Gala and meet Nikki Dinki. Help us GROW future generations of healthy children. During the event, make a donation to Veggie U and receive a personally signed copy of Meat on the Side.

Wente Vineyards bring their “Love of the Journey” to the
2017 Veggie U Food & Wine Gala

“We’ve been making wine for over 130 years, not because we have to, but because we love to."

Once again, Wente Vineyards will be featured exclusively at this year’s 2017 Veggie U Food & Wine Gala.

Wente Vineyards was established in 1883 and today, they are the oldest, family-owned and continuously-operated winery in America. The winery is owned and operated by the 4th and 5th generation family members. Together, they work every day to reinforce the winery’s position as an international leader in wine and wine country experiences. Wente Vineyards is exported to more than 70 countries and can be purchased in everywente bottles picture for Veggie U 2 state in the USA.

Karl D. Wente, Chief Winemaker and Fifth Generation Winegrower, is responsible for all winemaking and winegrowing at Wente Vineyards. 2016 will be Karl's 17th vintage and the 15th at Wente Vineyards, working with the family’s estate-grown and certified sustainable vineyards.

In 2010, Wente Family Estates received certification for its sustainability with respect to vineyard, winery and company practices with the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing designation.

“To me, I’m proud that my family has been committed to the soil and climate of Livermore Valley for five generations and Arroyo Seco since the 1960's, and that we have always had a philosophy of delivering thoughtfully balanced, food-friendly wine, with a sense of place.”
Karl D. Wente

This year, Wente Vineyards will feature 4 single vineyard and estate grown wines at four separate wine stations – guaranteed to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations.

“We are so pleased to support the Veggie U mission again this year. And since we share a commitment to the philosophy of sustainability, our hope is that this year’s attendees will learn, experience and enjoy their own journey,” states Paula Witkowski, Wente Family Estates Midwest Regional Sales Manager.

Tickets are $125 per person. Purchase tickets online or call 440.774.8344.


The Sysco Farmer's Market is back by popular demand -- at the 2017 Veggie U Food & Wine Gala

This year and back by popular demand is the Sysco Farmer’s Market where gala guests will be invited to browse the market and select some of the great produce and fruits to take home.

As a longtime sponsor of Veggie U, Sysco is pleased to support its mission through program developmen

sysco event 2

t, expansion and placement of Veggie U Classroom Gardens in schools.

Sysco is committed to serving schools, students and families in their communities. They know that the food children eat will contribute to their health,
well-being, and ultimately, their education and success.

That’s why they recognize the importance of teaching them about where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices with the Veggie U Classroom Garden program.

Donate....and support Children’s health and wellness by putting more classroom gardens in more schools.